Packing Light?


What and How to Pack for a Quick Trip

I grew up with each family member bringing on big checked bag with them to France for the winter or summer. Now with more and more luggage restrictions, carryon is the way to go! But the trouble is trying to find the right carryon because each airline has different weight and size restrictions placed. Now I am learning the fine art of packing light, and I mean very light.

Backpack or Suitcase?

I have been reading multiple tips, tricks, and reviews online to figure out what is my best option. Rolling suitcases are easy to lug around...until you get into a big city. Trying to drag your suitcase across cobblestones without tripping or hurting anyone is a fine art that I don't think that I will ever master. In my recent trip to Paris, it was pouring rain and we could only hurry along as fast as our suitcases could roll. After reading reviews, I am ready to ditch the suitcase for a backpack. It will be easier to maneuver with, easy to carry since I will always have two free hands, and probably just as safe as a suitcase. The nice thing is that there are a variety of different backpacks. If you want one that opens up completely like a suitcase, they got it! If you want the traditional backpacker backpack, they got that too! However, you need to be just as careful is height and weight restrictions in order for the bag to actually be a carryon. The choice is up to you but I choose a backpack.

My choice of Backpack

The backpack that I chose was the Asolo Lightweight 40 Liter. I chose this backpack because I did my research and many people were happy with it. They used it for travel and as long as you do no overstuff it, it can fit in almost any plane as a carry on. It is a top loading backpack and it does not have many pockets, but I think that it will limit me from bringing way too much. After trying it on, I feel like I can carry it around easily. The only downside is that there is no where for me to put a lock. Usually I lock my luggage when I leave my room, just in case, but there is no where for me to do that with this bag. My plan for the backpack is for it to be my only luggage for all of my travels while I live over there. When I want to take a trip somewhere, I will have my backpack, rather than a suitcase, to pack all my belongings.

Rain in Versailles, France

My choice of Purse

I chose the Travelon Anti-Theft Hobo bag. I chose this purse because of all of its anti-theft features. First, it claims to be slash proof, so if someone tries to rip my bag open with a sharp object, they will have a harder time compared to other bags. It also has a metal wire in the strap so it cannot be cut by scissors, maybe bolt cutters, but I am pretty sure that I would notice sometime taking bolt cutters to my bag! My favorite feature is that the zipper clips to the strap so there is no easy access into the bag. The only downside is that it is hard for me to open, but it is also a plus side because that must mean that it is hard for other to open too. It is fairly spacious inside but small enough on the outside to not look too clunky. It can be a short strap or a cross-body strap, the latter being the only one that I prefer to travel with. It has a few pockets inside and slots for your credit cards, which are RFID blocking. I guess that is useful but I have never felt like I needed it until I read so much about it on the internet. I am excited to use this bag and see how it goes.

What to Pack

Since I am going in the winter time, my packing is looking very different than the summer time. I am thinking of layers to keep me warm and darker fall colors to guide my styling of this trip. Technically it will not be spring time yet, so I am hoping that this pallet will work for me. Yes I plan on looking cute every day. I don't want to compromise fashion for budget traveling. And it looks like there will be a lot of rain while I am there. Here is what I am bringing. 

- three pairs of pants
- four blouses
- two tank tops
- two cardigans
- two t-shirts
- two scarves
- one coat
- three bras
- eight pairs of underwear
- one sleeping shirt
- one sleeping pant
- one pair of flats
- one pair of boots
- one belt
- two necklaces
- one pair of earrings
- five pairs of socks

- shampoo
- conditioner
- body soap
- facial wash
- eye makeup remover
- mascara
- eyeliner
- chapstick
- moisturizer
- toothpaste
- toothbrush
- hairbrush
- extra hair tie
- medications
- bandaids

- collapsable water bottle
- two garbage bags (for dirty clothes and shoes coming home)
- stuffable sack (in case my purse gets too small)
- books or kindle
- crossword puzzle
- guidebooks
- travel documents
- travel plans (printouts of reservations, etc.)
- travel maps
- charging cords
- plug adaptors

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