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Planning on Teaching in Europe: How to do it Legally

I have always been one that enjoys education, whether I am learning something myself or I am teaching others. Unfortunately, my California Teaching Credential will not work in Europe so I need to find other ways to make a living out of the job that I love most: teaching. The problem is, I will most likely be teaching English! And in order to teach English, I need to be certified...

Initial reaction to TESOL

I had already heard about the TEFL certifcation course, but I was unsure about the TESOL course. I mean what is the difference anyway. From my understanding it is the same thing but it depends on the region you take it and the time period. I was hesitant at first because the TEFL academy seems to offer so much, including a lifetime advisor. TESOL was just straight forward and no extra frills. This was a tough decision and in my research it seemed like there was no real difference between the two, so I chose TESOL because it is the newer model and it was a lot cheaper!

Maybe I won't be teaching people about
Napoleon but at least I will be teaching!
L'Ecole Militaire, Paris

Paying for the TESOL Online Course

I had found a deal about the course via Groupon and I jumped on it. The TEFL Academy charges around $1,500 for online course and the Groupon deal was just $69 for the same course. How could I not pass up a deal like that? With the Groupon it gives you a code that you use on the TESOL website to enroll in classes. It is a 150-hour online course and claims to be go at your own pace. 

Enrolling the TESOL courses

Enrolling in the TESOL course was a lot easier than what I thought it would be. Most online courses have an official start date and an end date, but not this one! Now I am sure that if I took my time I would have heard from my teacher. All I had to do was enter in the code from Groupon and I was all set. After entering in the code, I was ready to get started. 

Place de La Bastille, Paris

Taking the TESOL course

The TESOL course that I took was completely go at your own pace. There was a total of 6 units, so my goal was to complete one per week. That is the average of every TESOL/TEFL course. The course was fairly easy, unless you do not do well with standardized tests like I do. I took notes on every lesson and at the end of every lesson is a small quiz. Occasionally you must write papers and take tests and quizzes. I was pleased with the course because it went into detail about teaching, business work, and English, which would all be useful for the future.

Completing the program and being TESOL Certified

I finished!! Once I completed the program, I received a lovely email from my teacher explaining the process of getting the official documents. I followed the instructions and then in my email I received my proof of certification! This specific program was very easy to use and I loved that I could work at my own pace. It feels like a weight has been lifted off my shoulders and that I am one step closer to making the big move. Maybe it is because the year is ending, or maybe it is because I have completed one of the most important steps, but I AM SO EXCITED! I SERIOUSLY CANNOT WAIT!!

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