Florence and Rome 2013: Did My Packing Work?


What I learned About my Packing on my Recent Trip

What worked and what didn't? What should have stayed home and what should I have brought? So how did my packing go? In my post Packing Light I explained my decision to use a backpack instead of a rolling suitcase and to try and pack as light as possible. Ok so maybe I didn’t pack very light and could have gone lighter, but I have to say that I am very proud of the amount that I was able to bring over with me.

How My Backpack Worked Out:

I loved my backpack! I think the best part was that it easily fits under the seat in front of you in the airplane. So when they were suggesting that I check my bag, I shoved it under my seat and they changed their minds. Carrying around was easy for me and I never felt the weight on my shoulders. Yes I looked like a total tourist wandering around looking for my hotel, but doesn’t everyone when they have their luggage? It was a little stuffed, but then again I had my winter coat in there. I can only imagine the amount of cloths that I can fit in there in the summer since everything is more lightweight.
Toletries, Gadgets, and Information
Half in Purse, Half in Backpack

How My Purse Worked Out:

My purse was great in the sense that no one could get into it, including myself sometimes. When a group of men tried to discreetly open my purse, they quickly gave up knowing that I saw what they were doing and that they were never going to get it open. So the purpose of the purse worked great except for the fact that for all the things that I had in there, it was too small. If I didn’t have the iPad, I think that it would have been better, but with the iPad, everything was tightly crammed in there and the purse got very heavy very fast.

My Purse
Stuffed full with everything

What I Packed:

- three pairs of pants
- four blouses
- two tank tops
- two cardigans
- two t-shirts
- two scarves
- one coat
- three bras
- two long sleeve shirts
- eight pairs of underwear
- one sleeping shirt
- one sleeping pant
- one pair of flats
- one pair of boots
- one belt
- two necklaces
- one pair of earrings
- five pairs of socks

- shampoo
- conditioner
- body soap
- facial wash
- eye makeup remover
- mascara
- eyeliner
- chapstick
- moisturizer
- toothpaste
- toothbrush
- hairbrush
- extra hair tie
- medications
- bandaids

- collapsable water bottle
- stuffable sack (in case my purse gets too small)
- iPad
- crossword puzzle
- guidebooks
- travel documents
- travel plans (printouts of reservations, etc.)
- travel maps
- charging cords
- plug adaptors
- umbrella

All the clothes that I brought
All fit in the backpack

What I Wish I Packed:

I wish that I had packed perfume. I usually do, but I forgot this time! Now I have been told that I have a very good sense of smell, but I was convinced that everyone could tell that I re-wore one or two shirts! For my own personal sanity, I wish that I had packed a small vial. I also was not expecting the sun so much, so I wish that I had packed sunglasses. The hat that I brought was a winter hat that does not protect your eyes from the sun. I also wish that I had packed a lightweight jacket. I did use my winter coat, but some days I ended up needing just a light jacket instead of this huge coat.

What I Shouldn’t Have Packed:

I didn’t need my two long sleeve shirts. I had enough clothes and it was warm enough when I was there. I never used my umbrella, which meant that bringing that along was a waste of space. But the thing that I needed the least was the iPad. I think the only reason that I brought it was to give my parents peace of mind that I would eventually FaceTime with them. Since I had no safe in my rooms, I had to bring it with me everywhere, which left very little room in my purse and made it heavy to carry around. I really could have done without it.

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