The End of My Daily Posts


The End of an Era

I've been blogging nonstop for one year now. One post for every day. And now my daily posts are coming to an end. But I don't think my blogging will come to an end as I'm definitely not quitting traveling. But as I'm moving back to the US, today will be my last post of the Mimi's Migration series. 

One full year of blogging was challenging and liberating at the same time. It encouraged me to dig deeper and think about what I was noticing and experiencing in order to write good posts. It encouraged me to travel more to write new material. It motivated me to expand my vocabulary and proof read, though that didn't always happen.

Blogging made me think critically and share what I really thought. It gave me a voice that I was always too shy to express. And what's neat is that I now have some sort of diary from my year abroad. And hopefully it encouraged others to travel or helped them with some advice to travel better.

So what's next? When I get back from my monster outs trip I will be posting pictures. Then my goal will be to either create a new blog entirely or revamp this blog to prepare myself for my next journey. I'll keep posting, but not as frequently. Some people have told me that I should write a book, but I'm going to try and get a few more years of experience before I tackle that possible idea. But I'll cross that road when I come to it.

So Mimi's Migration, this isn't goodbye, this is just until next time. Thanks everyone for the support and your dedication to reading these posts! 

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