My Favorite French Foods


My Favorite French Foods

I love food. It's one of my favorite things in this world. And living in France was great for the foodie in me. So for my last foodie Friday post I'm going to list all of my favorite French foods. And in no particular order, here they are:

Boudin Noir: I've tried blood sausage in four different countries and I've always enjoyed it. But my favorite has to be the one from France. Ok so maybe I'm little biased, or maybe it's in my blood. Whatever the reasoning, boudin noir is damn delicious! I don't care how weird it sounds, it's gooooood.

Tarte au Citron: oh yes! This is the way to my heart. Forget about birthday cake, this is my desert of choice. Never too sour and probably overly sweet for the majority of the people on this earth. But it makes me too happy to care! 

Merguez: when done right, this is my favorite sausage. Ever. I love me some lamb and add all the right kind of spices and you get a very happy Mimi. Oh merguez, if only I could take you home with me.

Macarons: cookie, jam, and more cookie, what's not to love with these soft, puffy, tasty, goodies? And there's so many flavors out there that there's one for everyone. Unfortunately this happy habit can be expensive, so you have to savor each bit rather than shove them all in your face at once. Self control is needed with these babies.

Paupiettes de Veaux: sausage meat cooked in veal wrapped in fat? Ok don't mind if I do! This dish is amazing because it combines all the meats that I love. Yep I'm definitely a meat person.

Saucisson: mmmm, dried fatty sausage goodness. The wonder that is saucisson. Yeah, I'm going to miss this. I haven't tried one that was gross. And I've learned that the good stuff comes from Lyon. So how do I sneak this into my bag when I go back to the US?

Saucisse: let's be real, I love all sausages, I don't descriminate. I've even found a way to love andouille (cooked in a lot of fat) and that's saying something since I can barely make it past the smell. But give me a good sausage any day and I'll be happy.

Baguette: I don't care what you say, a good baguette is the best kind of bread. Especially straight out of the oven. Especially with some pâté. Especially with some cheese. Especially with some sauce. Yep, France knows bread.

Boudin Noir
Pâté: who would have known that liver tastes so good? I've tried a variety and I have my favorites. But a great meal to me always includes pâté topped with cornichons on a good baguette. That's the life!

Boursin: I love this spreadable herby cheese. It's the perfect. It's one of my favorite cheeses, ever. And of course it leaves you're breath smelling fantastic just after. Just kidding!

Quiche Lorraine: I'm a big fan of quiches, and this one has all the right things. Meat, cheese, and egg. Clearly this region of France has their priorities straight!

Frites: after having fries in France, fries in the US just won't be the same. Maybe it's because they're made so fresh. Maybe it's because they're made right. I don't know what it is, but fries in France are addicting, more so than the US. 

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