One Year Since My Move


It's My Finniversary!!

That's right! One year ago today, I boarded a plane to Finland, just like I had done two years prior when I moved to France. With tears in my eyes and my ugly cry face on, I said goodbye to my parents, got on that plane, and changed my life once again!

Nuuksio National Park
To be honest, I can't believe it's already been one year. It seems just like yesterday that I was living outside of a hotel room, visiting multiple apartments a day, begging the landlords to just give me a chance. And now I am comfortably established in my studio, I know my neighborhood, and I have my favorite places. 

It seems just like yesterday when I didn't know anyone in the city, when I would ask the hotel staff for help, when I would desperately try to make friends in my Finnish class. Now I feel connected to the city, I have a great group of friends, and some really great people that I am close with. 

National Library of Finland
It's been one year well spent, with many discoveries and adventures, and absolutely no regrets. France taught me how to step outside my comfort zone and live through travel. But Finland has taught me how to live through "connectedness" to a city and to step outside of my comfort zone socially. I am so happy that I chose Finland. 

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