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Since the last post in 2015, I have been busy, though not as busy as I was when I was traveling almost every weekend. Man, that was the life! Instead, I have managed to continue my exploration of new countries and new cities, just at a slower, and maybe more affordable, rate. So here are all the countries that I have been to since my blogging break, and feel free to look for top ten lists of these cities, coming soon!

Greece: this was the first stop on the month long backpacking trip and it was even more beautiful than they say it is. We went to Santorini and Athens, and although we were there during the Euro crisis (and I maybe didn't pack enough cash), we didn't have any problems and really enjoyed it. I would go back to Greece again in a heartbeat and discover new islands. I think it is the perfect balance: a relaxing beach vacation mixed with historical and cultural discoveries.

Croatia: oh boy did I fall in love with Croatia. It was one of those cities that I was missing even before I left. We went to Dubrovnik which was absolutely picturesque! Even though I swear the humidity rate was 100% and I was melting in the heat, I enjoyed every minute of the walk around the city and especially discovering its delicious food (I recommend going to Lady Pipi for dinner). I want to go back to Dubrovnik but also see more of Croatia.

Italy: alright, so I've been to Italy before, many times. But I had never been to Pompeii, or even Venice! So of course I couldn't leave Europe without going to these two places. Pompeii was very interesting, but Venice was as beautiful as they say it is ... in some areas. I know people fall in love with the city of Venice, but the heat, humidity, and mold did not sell me on its charm. I would go back if it was free, but I'd rather spend my money elsewhere. Nevertheless, the people were nice and friendly which is the most important. But some people love it, maybe it's just Venice on a budget that is challenging. 

Salzburg, Austria
Austria: I love Austria and going to Salzburg I fell even more in love! So much so that I went back again recently! It's charm of a small city in the mountains is enchanting. Words cannot describe how wonderful this town is, or how much I love it.

Switzerland: this country has been a dream destination for so many years, and finally visiting Zermatt and Lucerne was incredible. Everything was so green and clean, just like everyone says. The people were so nice, and it was nice visiting a place that my great-grandmother had been to. I would go back to Switzerland, if my budget can afford it.

France: yes, I know, I'm French, so this isn't a new country. But a girl has to explore, right? So explore I did. I went to Nice, which was beautiful and very crowded and I also went to Nantes, a very northern-looking city with it's walled castle. Both were opposites in their styles but both were charming with their architecture and culture. 

Venice, Italy
Monaco: if you're in Nice, you have to make the train trip to Monaco for the day, when else would you be there? And Monaco was just as I expected it, incredibly rich and lavish. But the views of the pristine water are worth the quick day trip to see how the other half lives and to get some amazing views of nature and slightly modern architecture.

Ireland: let's just say I didn't know green grass until I went to Ireland. I see why they call it the emerald isle! The people were some of the nicest that I have met and the towns absolutely beautiful. We went to Dublin, Cork, Blarney, and Cashel. And then I realized that I need to go back, but with a car, so that I can continue exploring the countryside.

Sweden: since I had applied to a few schools here, I finally managed to make a trip to check them out. And going to a Nordic country for the first time was amazing. It was clean, it was safe, and the people are friendlier than the stereotype. I went to Stockholm and Uppsala and loved it.

Lucerne, Switzerland
Denmark: this country is something that I should have visited with one of my good friends, but going during Christmas market season was a good substitute. The food was delicious, the people were nice, and the city was interesting. I really did like it there and would go back again.

Finland: I fell in love with this country immediately. Between the ocean and the charming capital city, I knew Helsinki was for me, I had to come back, I had to live there. I felt safe, it was clean, the people were nice, and there seemed to be parks everywhere. Luckily enough, I moved there!

United States: finally getting to discover New York City was very exciting for me. It was the first trip that I took in the US since beginning my life of travel, and I got to share the experience with my brother. 

Cashed, Ireland
Norway: since I had seen almost all the Nordic countries, I couldn't leave Norway out. Besides those fjords have always been a bucket list. So I went to Oslo, took a boat tour down the fjord, and visited a very unique looking city. Norway, I'll be back for more!

Estonia: from Helsinki you can take a ferry to Tallinn and this charming little town is worth the day trip. It's city walls give it this medieval feeling and the city is pretty cute. Add the cheap food and booze and it's a convenient day trip for most people. 

New York, USA

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