My Favorite European Cities


An Updated List of My Favorite Cities

In 2015, I wrote about some of my favorite travel destinations and cities that I fell in love with. Since then I have been to eighteen new countries and even more new cities. So of course my list changes with new discoveries. As of August 2017, here is a list of my favorite cities to visit. And I should mention that I will not include Paris or Helsinki since I have lived in these two cities and I may be a bit biased when it comes to these two. While I've loved almost every city that I've been to, narrowing down a list to only 10 turned out to be quite the challenge!

First off, an honorable mention since I couldn't have a list without Normandy in it.
Colleville-sur-Mer: not many people know of the name of this city, but they do know what it is famous for: the American Cemetery. That's right, just above the beach, on the cliffs lays the famous cemetery for the American soldiers who fought and died in Normandy. In the town there are also a few museums. But for those of you not interested in WWII history, the town is the perfect beachside town that offers great relaxing places to enjoy the coast of Normandy.

10. Bucharest: before going to this uniquely beautiful city, everyone told me that I wouldn't like it. But I've always been one to decide for myself, so I ignored their advice and went anyway. And I'm so glad I did as I quickly feel in love with the city's unique charm. Blending the beautiful architecture of France with the crumbling remnants of communism, Bucharest is quite the experience with a complicated history. I highly recommend it!

10 Great Things to Do in Bucharest

9. Nuremberg: I love this little city, and not just because it has so much history relating to what I study. Of course I encourage people to visit Nuremberg for the courthouse and the exposition on the trials, or for all of the monuments built by the Nazis and the Documentation Center museum. But if you're not interested in that dark period in history, the center of Nuremberg is absolutely charming and what many people picture as a traditional German town. With its walls and cute stream cutting through the city center, Nuremberg is always a great place to visit.

8. Vienna: this Austrian city is amazing thanks to its rich history, literally and figuratively! With gold-adorned everything, the city is constantly sparkling. Add in the history of the Habsburg Empire and the elegant culture and you've got a city that will keep you coming back for more. And don't forget all of the art!!

7. Bruges: Belgium is full of charming towns and Bruges is one of many. What makes this little town so wonderful is the cute canals mixed with the beautiful architecture. It is also rich in history and the people are incredibly nice. This town is always worth the stop when making your way through Belgium.

6. Ljubljana: I immediately fell in love with this city. It was instantaneous, love at first sight. That kind of magic. Just arriving into the city is something else as you are surrounded by the majestic Alps. Within the old city center are picturesque streets. But Slovenia as a whole offers so many activities and sights; it's hard just to pick one thing!

10 Great Things to Do in Ljubljana

5. Salzburg: I have fallen in love with this charming Austrian city. Maybe it's because it is in the mountains and is a beautiful blend of rolling green hills with white-capped mountains and pristine lakes. Or maybe it is the decor of the city, with tiny streets and beautiful churches. Or maybe it is just fun reliving the Sound of Music. Whatever the reason, the city's charm is undeniable!

4. Berlin: this city is packed with modern history. And because of that, the city is very unique as it was broken up into different sectors, each with its own unique feel. Going to Berlin seems to be an annual tradition for me that involves some of the best Christmas markets. And there is still so much that I haven't discovered. This city keeps people coming back for more!

3. Munich: there are so many great things about this city: the culture, the people, the food, the history, the monuments, and its perfect location for day trips! From here you can see many different cities while also experiencing the wonder that is Munich!

2. Dubrovnik: this city on the water stole my heart the second I saw it. With its medieval walls, charming winding streets, and beautiful deep blue sea, Dubrovnik quickly became a favorite. The food was amazing, the people were nice, and there was so much to do and see. And it will probably be a city that keeps me coming back for years.

1. Prague: I can't get enough of this city. I've been there three times, pretty much once every year. And every time I discover something new. Maybe it's because I love the art nouveau style, maybe I like the history, or maybe it's the food. Whatever it is, I think this is one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and a great place for everyone. From its unique spires to the dazzling painted walls, Prague has beauty in abundance and a rich history.

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