Job Searching Abroad


The Worst Kind of Scavenger Hunt

How do you find a job when you are thousands of miles, and an ocean, away? How do you find a job when you do not know that specific culture's outlet for doing so? You just keep trying, trying, trying. I have been picky on where I want to work and what I want to do. After all I went through five years of school for a BA and a teaching credential, I really don't want those to go to waste. So I look and I apply. And let me just say that I think it is working out alright.

It seems what is hiring the most are after school au pair companies that teach children English. Most of them are part time and you pick the children up from school and take care of them in English until their parents come home. Most companies that I applied to were only part time but willing to work with your schedule. This job would be great for students.

Other types of jobs includes teaching English lessons. These are a lot more competitive because you usually need a lot more experience for these jobs. Most of them are posted on a TEFL or TESOL website, with a few scattered around on Craigslist, but don't get your hopes up.

As for me I got a part time job teaching children after school some French and watching them. I was offered the same type of position by a variety of companies, but feel like I chose well in the company that I will be working for. Since all of them were paying the same amount, I chose the people that I thought would be the nicest to work with, and so far so good, and a company that would allow me to find another part time job in the same field. There are rules in France that do not let you have multiple part time jobs in the same field, which is hard when you are trying to stick to your skill set. Great! Vive la France!

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