Packing my Life Away


Packing: The Adult Game of Tetris

So how do you pack for a year abroad? And how do you do it in only two suitcases? I swear I have packed and repacked these suitcases in hope to try and make more things fit. 

Packing tips

  • put smaller items inside your shoes so that no space is wasted
  • put items inside your purses to not waste space
  • roll your clothes because it saves mores space than folding them
  • put item in zip lock backs and suck the air out, this will also save you more space
  • iron some items beforehand because it makes your clothes smoother and thinner
So what did I pack in my suitcases? Well I only have one year, so I really had to think about what I needed and what I didn't need. And since I only have one large suitcase and one carry on, I had to be very strategic. Here's what I packed:


5 scarves
18 pairs of underwear
9 pairs of socks
4 long sleeve cardigans
1 short sleeve cardigans
2 sundresses
1 maxi dress
2 skirts
8 blousy tank tops
7 blouse shirts
9 long sleeve blousy shirts
6 sweaters
2 leggings
3 sweat pants
1 running shorts
5 t shirts
2 sports bras
2 moisturizer
3 hand sanitizer
8 wash cloths
5 shorts
2 black pants

1 blue pant
3 skinny jeans
2 boyfriend jeans
1 boot cut
6 tank tops
1 pair of gloves
2 coats
1 vest
1 pajama shorts

1 pair of running shoes
2 boots
3 pair of lace up shoes
3 sandals
2 flip flops
3 belts
2 tights

2 hats

Inside St. Peter's, the Vatican


1 computer
1 iPad
1 iPhone
1 computer charger
1 iPad charger
1 iPhone charger
5 northern Europe plug converters
1 United Kingdom plug converter
1 souther Europe plug converter


1 facial scrub
3 travel size hand sanitizers
5 razors
2 brushes
2 lotions
1 hand lotion
1 year's supply of medication
5 packages of travel tissues
2 packages of toilet seat covers (they don't have those in Europe)
5 empty travel bottles to put in products for future travels
1 toothbrush
2 travel size toothpaste

Big Ben, London


1 backpack
1 backpacking backpack
3 purses
5 necklaces
4 pairs of earrings
3 travel books
1 French-English dictionary
3 notebooks
2 planners
1 pouch full of pens and pencils
3 boxes of sees chocolates

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