My Big Adventure


So It Begins

Today marks the beginning of the unknown. I don't know if I will find an apartment. I don't know if I will make enough money. I don't know if I will travel to all the places that I want to go to. But today also marks new beginnings. It marks the first time I am really leaving home, the first time I am attempting to live by myself and not in the dorms, the first time that I will depend on only myself. I will stumble along the way, get homesick, get frustrated. But I am hoping that the good will out weigh the bad and this will be one of the best years of my life (I am hoping for more to come). 

Me 20 years ago in Normandy
I'm coming back!
As I am waiting to leave to go to the airport, I am getting emotional. The full on ugly cry won't happen yet, but it will soon. I will have to say goodbye to my family for a very long time. One of those goodbyes includes my dog who is already going through doggy depression as she knows what is going on. Another is my cat who is probably jumping for joy that I won't pick her up and force her to love me. And then I cannot begin to describe how hard it will be to say goodbye to my parents and my brother. They are the most important people in my life and if they asked me to stay right now, I would without question. But thankfully they are all supportive of this adventure and just as excited. What is getting me through this upcoming goodbye is knowing that I will have a once in a lifetime experience, that I can do anything for a year, and that they will be here when I get back. 

So ciao America, until next year! It's adventure time!

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