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Paying Attention to Politics Thanks to Travel

Maybe it's because I am getting a Master's in Political History. Maybe I'm just growing up. Whatever the reason is, lately I have been more and more interested in politics. Not just following what is going on, but actually partaking in discussions about politics. And I think part of this is thanks to my travels.


I feel more invested in the outcome of certain elections because I have been to these places, I have met the people, and I want the best possible outcome for all of its citizens. I am following the cause of women's rights in Poland because I have been there, met the women, and want the best for them. Maybe because once you experience something with your own eyes you leave a piece of yourself there and forever become intwined with it.


This was probably the first year that I actively followed the elections in both of my countries. Sure in 2008 I wanted to vote for Obama, but I never followed up on his presidency after his election. And I never actively followed French politics, luckily I at least knew who was president and how people vote. But today, that has changed. I watched the debates in France and the US. I paid attention to each candidate's policies. And once they were elected, I continued paying attention to the actions that they took once in office, whether good or bad.


And now I partake in political discussions. I still don't quite know how the systems work around the world. But I have learned that I enjoy discussions with people from different countries who can teach me about their systems and give me their opinions on the state of affairs in their country. Thanks to travel I like to see what other people think of their countries, it gives a good perspective on their government, their people, and their wants and needs. Maybe I just like learning.

Journalists in Prague

In the past I abstained from political discussion. Now I see it as my duty to advocate for people and ensure that policies are serving the people. No I don't mean for a specific political party, but in general I find it hard to keep quiet about human rights violations through political policies. So I have to warn you, this blog may no longer be entirely neutral anymore, but hopefully it is for the best cause.

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