The 10 Best Things to See in Venice


Venice: A City of Romance and Humidity

Venice is a city that everyone dreams about. No Euro trip is complete without a stop over in this city. It is almost a rite of passage. So of course I could not leave Europe until I finally made it to the city that so many people dream about. I had to see it for myself. So here are the things that I enjoyed the most in Venice.

Gondolas near Basilica di Santa Maria Della Salute
10. Piazza San Marco: this huge piazza is world famous and rightfully so. It gives a great view of all the city has to offer. Accessible by small canals or tiny winding streets, when you arrive it is impressive to see this huge piazza, bustling with people and pigeons. I can only imagine what a sunrise here would look like. Just watch out for all the tourist traps. 

9. The Islands: one of the best ways to see Venice is to get out of the city center and head to the islands. This way you get a great taste of what Venice really is but without the tourist traps and hordes of people. 

View of an island from St. Mark's Bell Tower
8. The Bridge of Sighs: this beautiful bridge is not the most easily accessible, but it is beautiful. Known as the last thing convicted prisoners saw on their way out of Venice, the bridge has become a popular attraction. And with good reason. Connecting two buildings together with beautiful architecture, the bridge is worth the stop. 

7. Rialto Bridge: this offers a great view of the city from its central point. It is high enough for people to get a good view of the city and seems to be a rite of passage among tourists as everyone works their way through the bridge at some point. 

The Bridge of Sighs
6. Canals: Venice is known for its canals, and while a gondola ride is not within most people's budget (or pretty much anyone's) walking around the city wandering through the canals is just as charming. 

5. Doge's Palace: this huge palace shows the wealth and power that once was Venice. Go here to learn more about the interesting history of the city. 

St. Mark's Bell Tower
4. St. Mark's Basilica: one of the most popular and famous churches in Venice is St. Mark's. Just on the main square, it adds a beautiful backdrop to an already impressive piazza. And the inside is equally as stunning. 

3. St. Mark's Bell Tower: this bell tower on the main square offers a stunning view of the city from above. Almost all of Venice can be seen from the bell tower, including the islands and is one of the best views Venice has to offer. 

La Fenice
2. La Fenice: while this is not top on everyone's list, I highly recommend it. Not only is this a historic and culturally significant theatre, its interior is absolutely stunning. This theatre alone shows the wealth of Venice. 

View from Ponte dell'Academia
1. Ponte dell'Academia: what makes this bridge so spectacular is not the bridge itself but it's amazing view of the water, the city skyline, and the beautiful Basilica di Santa Maria Della Salute. I can only image how beautiful this must be at sunset!

View from St. Mark's Bell Tower

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