The 10 Best Things to See in Lucerne


Lucerne: A City With a View

I have dreamed of visiting Lucerne since I heard the stories of my grandma's and great-grandma's adventures through Europe and seeing a photo of my great-grandma in front of the Chapel Bridge. So during our Euro-trip adventure, my cousin and I took an early morning train to spend the day in this lovely city. And it was worth the early morning wakeup!


10. Jesuitenkirche: this beautiful church within the city center is worth the quick stop as the inside is adorned with beautiful chandeliers and decorated walls.

9. Mountain Climbing: for those who enjoy a strenuous hike in the mountains, Switzerland is the place to go. And Lucerne offers quite a few challenging and beautiful hikes as the city is enclosed by mountains.

Chapel Bridge

8. Bourbaki Panorama: this panorama on an old town square is known for its huge mural depicting the Franco-Prussian war. Many stop and take a moment to appreciate the immensity of the mural but also its beauty.

7. Spreuer Bridge: a bit further down from the Chapel Bridge is Spreuer Bridge which is similar in style. Since it is a little bit further down, it is less crowded and you can appreciate the beauty of the artwork and the architecture more easily. It is also known as Switzerland's oldest bridge.

Lake Lucerne

6. Sammlung Rosengart Gallery: this art gallery is known for its few Picasso paintings as well as works by Klee. This gallery near the train station is known for 20th Century Art and is a great stop for any art lover.

5. The Nine Towers: climbing up the hill to the Nine Towers, an old city wall, you are greeted by great views of the city. Many recommend doing this in the evening when the sun is setting to get one of the best views of the city, the lake, and the sunset.

Dying Lion Monument

4. Lake Lucerne: Lucerne sits at the edge of a beautiful, huge lake with plenty of activities. You can cruise around on a small riverboat or hop aboard a faster, smaller boat. Make sure to check out the swans notorious in the region. But what is so beautiful about the lake is that it seems to be entirely surrounded by mountains.

3. Dying Lion Monument: this monument pays homage to the Swiss Guards that died in the French Revolution. But what makes this monument so unique compared to other monuments paying their respects to soldiers in Europe is that this is carved over a small lake. What makes it truly beautiful is that the pristine water clearly mirrors the image of the lion.

Chapel Bridge

2. Old Town: exploring the cute little old town is definitely worth it. Lucerne is a small city by the lake, so just a day spent wandering around old town can give you a good glimpse into the daily life of people and the beauty of the city.

1. Chapel Bridge: there is a reason why everyone recommends a walk on this bridge. It is constantly decorated with flowers and offers a great view of the city, with the lake and the mountains in the background. But this bridge tells a story. Not only is this the oldest covered bridge in Europe, but every arch tells a piece of a story, with beautiful writing and paintings.

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