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Broadening My Horizons With New Cities

Two years ago I made a list of cities and countries that I wanted to travel to. The list included the fjords of Norway, Gdansk, Seville, Lapland, Oslo, Edinburgh, Loire Valley castles, Stockholm, Copenhagen, and Helsinki. In two years I was able to complete six of those items on my list. And while I would like to still see the rest on my list, my interests are constantly evolving and there are quite a few more unique places that I would like to see. So here is the new list of where I would like to go.

14. Tunisia: every summer my cousin invites me to her house in Tunisia and every year I have to turn her down due to a time conflict. But I've always really wanted to go. And I think it would be amazing to get to experience the culture with actual Tunisians and get the authentic experience. I need to make this happen one day!

13. Morocco: I've always been intrigued by the culture and Casablanca probably influenced that just a bit. I have a deep desire to go and get lost in the cities and experience the true beauty of this country. And I would love to go to multiple cities. One day hopefully!

12. Luxemburg: this teeny tiny country looks beautiful. And it is one of the only Western European countries that I haven't yet been to. So hopefully I can make this visit happen soon!

11. Georgia: I'm talking about the country, although the state sounds interesting too. This country looks beautiful, especially Tbilisi. For some reason I have this strong urge to go somewhere more ... is exotic the right word?

10. Armenia: this country has been very intriguing because of my studies, but when I looked into it, I've realized that it is very beautiful too. So I would love to go there to experience the history, the culture, and its beauty.

9. Kosovo: I have a strong desire to go to the Balkans, and how often can you say that you've been to a disputed country? I decided that on my next Balkan trip, I am not passing up to opportunity to go to Kosovo to learn about its unique history.

8. Serbia: I know this is not top tourist destination and I think that's what I like about it. Its countryside look absolutely beautiful and I've heard great things about its culture. So one day, when I make my Balkan trip happen, I will see Serbia.

7. Macedonia: most people don't even know this is a country, so it is definitely off the beaten path kind of travel, which I like. When researching Macedonia, I fell in love with the images of its landscape and small towns. I would love to go and see the lakes in that region.

6. Albania: I think there's some sentimental attachment to Albania since my uncle wanted to go when he found out how cheap the food is. So if I'm doing a Balkan trip, I have to throw in Albania for him. But after doing more research, the beaches look absolutely beautiful.

5. Bosnia and Herzegovina: some of the small towns in this country look absolutely picturesque and I've been dreaming about traveling here since I seriously started thinking about travel. Now that I'm a little more comfortable with travel, I'm ready to broaden my horizons, and Bosnia and Herzegovina look like just the place.

4. Montenegro: when my cousin and I did our trip to Dubrovnik, we should have stayed longer, partially to do more in the city, but also so that we could go to Montenegro and see the beautiful cities there. So hopefully one day, someday soon I can do a Balkan trip and include all these beautiful places.

3. Russia: I know many Americans wouldn't want to go to Russia right now, but I studied Russian history in college, so I've been dying to see this country. I'm intrigued by its royal beauty, such as the Winter Palace, and also its history. Russia is a must.

2. Iceland: this tiny island country has been the dream for so long. And hopefully I will just have to wait a few more months and then I can make it happen. Its culture looks interesting but its nature looks magnificent.

1. Lapland: I can't leave Finland without seeing the dogs in the north and seeing the Northern Lights. I can't live in the country for two years and not see it. Not an option. It's a once in a lifetime opportunity and I plan on taking advantage of it!

Ponte Diavolo, Italy

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