The 10 Best Things to See in Zermatt


Zermatt: The Matterhorn and a Cute Town

While in Switzerland, my cousin insisted that we go to Zermatt, and since I'm not one to say no to any kind of travel, I agreed. And I am so glad that we went! While incredibly expensive, the town in the mountains is worth a trip as it is an adorable town in the Swiss Alps, attracting many adventurers every year! So here are some of the best things to do in the town.

Train through the Mountains
10. Matterhorn Museum: for those of you mystified by the Matterhorn and love adventure stories, this is the museum for you. It tells the daring stories of adventurers attempting to climb the peak and how they risked their lives.

9. Glacier Paradise: this station is known as the highest cable car station in Europe, so beware of potential vertigo! This vantage point not only offers a great view of the Matterhorn, but a great view of the alps.

8. Skiing: of course this is one of the main activities in the wintertime. Why go to the mountains in the snow and not ski? And apparently, Zermatt is one of the best places to do that!

7. Hiking: in the summer, when the snow is melted, there are a variety of trails that lead to incredible lookout points. And though they can be a bit strenuous (most choose to take a train to the top), they are absolutely worth the views.

6. Rothorn: this mountain nearby the Matterhorn is accessible via Gondolas that take you to the viewpoints. Though expensive, they give a unique perspective of not only the Matterhorn, but Zermatt as well.

Downtown Zermatt
5. Gornergrat: this expensive little train that could is known for giving some of the best views of the region. Heading to the top of the mountain, the lookout point, called the Gornergrat, gives one of the best views of the Matterhorn, if your budget can afford it.

4. Sunnegga: this is another great view of the Matterhorn and a great lookout point. Offering a great little biergarten terrace with dining and drinks, it feels like a paradise in the alps.

3. Riffelalp: for those of you on a budget but still want some great views, this small stop on the Gornergrat train is the one for you. Though still pricy, it offers some great views of the mountain and a great view of Zermatt down below.

2. Old Town: this teeny tiny city is worth the brief stroll that it takes to get from one end to another. With the beautiful chalet houses, which are mostly shops and restaurants, to the cozy feel of the city, Zermatt has more to offer than just the Matterhorn.

1. Matterhorn: this powerful mountain dominates the town of Zermatt. Everywhere you go you can catch a glimpse of the famous mountain. Even Toblerone chocolate bar is shaped to represent the mountain. So of course this is one of the best sites in the city.

The Matterhorn seen from Riffelalp

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  1. Switzerland is one of my dream land.... i am glad you had a wonderful trip there.

  2. Great photos of the Matterhorn! I visited way back in 2015 for a day trip and I would definitely love to go back one day! :D

    1. Thank you! I was there around the same time!


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