The 10 Best Things to See in Salzburg


Salzburg: The Hills Are Alive With More Than Just the Sound of Music

Ever since seeing the movie The Sound of Music when I was a kid I have dreamed about visiting the beautiful land full of green hills and white capped mountains. Luckily enough I have been twice in the last two years. Once in the summer and once in the spring. And both times were completely magical and will keep me coming back for more. So here are some of my favorite things to see and do.

The castle upon the hill

10. Mozart's Birthplace: for all those classical music enthusiasts, this is a must see. The town is famous for more than just the Sound of Music so it is worth it to get to know the other celebrities of the town. 

9. Petersfriedhof: this is famous for its cemetery, which is peacefully beautiful thanks to the trees and plants growing everywhere. It is also famous for the scene in the movie where they go into hiding because this cemetery has similar gates enclosing certain tombstones. 

The view from Nonnberg

8. Getreidegasse: walking along this street is a must. It is absolutely everything that you imagine a small Austrian street in the mountains would look like. Each sign hanging above the shop is a work of art, and absolutely worth a look.

7. Hohensalzburg: up upon the mountaintop sits the castle of Salzburg. Admired for its beauty and its power, the castle attracts many every year. Inside you can see how royalty once lived in the region and admire one of the best views of the city. Just beware of the steep climb to the top.

Schloss Leopoldskron

6. Schloss Leopoldskron: outside the city center is one of the palaces that was used in filming the movie. The back exterior of the house was used for the lake and garden scenes. What makes this so beautiful is that it sits on this peaceful lake, surrounded by mountains. One could only dream of living here. 

5. Salzburg Cathedral: this beautiful cathedral, though not relating entirely to the movie, is absolutely beautiful and worth the quick stop. Sitting on one of the main squares, the cathedral is decorated in gold with beautifully painted ceilings. 

The Salzburg Castle

4. Nonnberg: this beautiful abbey sits upon a hill, so it gives some great views. Inside is also beautiful and was the site where Maria von Trapp was once planning to become a nun. So you get Sound of Music and wonderful views!

3. Schloss Hellbrunn: this summer palace can be tricky. Not tricky in the sense that it's hard to get to (you take the bus), but tricky in the sense that it likes to play practical jokes on its guests. So wear something waterproof. But within the gardens of the palace is the Sound of Music Pavilion, famous for the I am Sixteen Going on Seventeen song and dance. 

The Sound of Music Pavilion

2. Mondsee: though a bit away from Salzburg, the town of Mondsee is absolutely beautiful. It is along one of the many serene lakes surrounding the region, in between great mountains. The city center is quite small but absolutely picturesque.

Some tricks from Schloss Hellbrunn

1. The Mirabell Gardens: these beautiful gardens always seem to be so well manicured. The colorful flowers are present in early spring and summer. And the fountains are wonderful. But most go here not to admire to gardens. but to strike a pose where Julie Andrews and gang sang Do Re Mi.

The Mirabell Gardens

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