Boudin Noire


Is this sausage sanitary? It looks questionable to me!

Yes I just paraphrased Tantor from Disney's Tarzan in case anyone picked up on it (hint Mom and Lindsey). And yes this post might make a few people question my choice of foods. But so should ham and butter sandwiches. Ok America, try not to be grossed out, but my favorite sausage in France is made out of blood. Yep, that's right, blood. Don't worry, it's all sanitary and cooked, but I know it's a bit shocking for some people.

Yes, one of the first things that I try to eat when I come to France is Boudin Noire. It is a sausage made out of pork fat, pork meat, and pork blood, all held together by pork intestines. Extra ingredients are added by region. Some people like to cook them with potatoes or pasta, but I grew up with my grandmother cooking them with apples. The combination makes a sweet and savory dish that I can only get in France. Even in the summer time I really enjoy this meal. And like I said, it's the first thing I want to eat when I get to France. And for all you questioning the quality of this dish, the blood and meat are cooked, which means it is sanitary. It is already pre-cooked when you buy it and you just have to heat it up. It is comparable to Italy's bilordo, which is usually served cold and incorporates pine nuts or raisins. But unfortunately we don't have this in the United States, which means this year I will need to eat a lot of boudin.

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