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My Resting Face is a Common French Occurrence

Ok I have another problem, and thus problem is opposite than my smiling problem. When I'm not engaged in conversation or making eye contact, I have a sad or angry resting face. But with my relaxed face, I have realized that a lot of other French women have the same face as me, making it a common occurrence in France and that I finally can relax while I'm relaxing. Sounds confusing? Let me explain to you in detail. 

Mont Saint Michel, Normandy
My generation calls it a resting b***** (or bee with an itch as my family refers to that word) face! But I'm going to keep this family friendly and just call it my relaxed face. Yes, when I'm completely content with life, my relaxed face apparently looks angry. I've been asked if I'm ok and been told that I should smile more, but I never got why. I mean in all those situations I was completely happy, I didn't understand why people asked those questions. Then I realized that I don't have the most welcoming face when I'm not smiling. What I think I'm doing is keeping my a peaceful resting face, what I'm doing is frowning. I think it's even worse when the sun is out because I'm squint, which means I have to crinkle my eyebrows to manage the sun, making my face look even angrier. Making friends is going to be interesting with this revelation. So for the last year I've gotten self conscious, making sure to express when I'm enjoying something and reassuring people that I'm not mad, and that I'm enjoying their company.

But with all my travels on the public transit system and in Paris, I've realized that so many French women have the same resting face. I mean not everyone is mad all the time, right? So it must mean that they too are content and just relaxed, with a very unwelcoming face. The men seem to have a similar face, but less angry looking. But I've also noticed that in family no one ever has that face, it must be that many women in France have this face when they are alone, like me. So now I can relax knowing that my relaxed face is the norm here!

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