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Stop, Collaborate, and Listen About My Year Without Ice 

Ice. Ice is a wonderful invention that you really appreciate when you are in extreme heat. It is a commodity so affluent in America that we hardly take the time to appreciate it until we deprived of it. Maybe it is built into us Americans to crave an ice cold drink when we are thirsty. But I can tell you that the French do not feel the same as us. 

First off, water in France is not served out of the faucet. You buy individual bottles and use those to drink water. This practice is very common in Europe and they tend to be ahead in recycling compared to the USA, so at least they're not killing the planet with this habit. And I can understand why some communities do this. Some parts of France have been without drinking water in their house for over 20 years. I too would buy water bottles. The second thing is that French refrigerators are really small. For Paris think mini fridge small. Where are you going to put all those water bottles? Not in the fridge. So water is served at room temperature. Not hot, but for an American it is not refreshing.

Here is where ice should come into play, especially in the humid summer heat. But it doesn't. Ice is only served with appropriate alcoholic beverages, not with water. I've heard some say that ice is bad for you. Others just don't have the space to make ice. But ice is so rare that restaurants don't even offer you ice with beverages. It's just a few rare occasions where you get ice. But changes are being made. Some are serving tap water, others are putting ice in their non water drinks. But let's just say it will be a long room temperature year. First thing that I will go back to America is drink a huge glass of ice water. 

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