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On an Evening in Roma

Rome was the runner up for my year abroad. I was so close to living there for a year, but Paris came in first place. No matter what I made for my decision, Rome has a lot to offer. It has great food, amazing sites and history, and a great culture. And getting a top ten of Rome is no easy feat because there are so many things for people to do. So here is what I think is the top ten of Rome. 

10. The Spanish Steps: I guess I'm not that much of a romantic since this barely made my list. It's a pretty set of stairs that looks down onto some of the nicest (and most expensive) stores in Rome. Louis Vuitton, Chanel, and Gucci all have beautiful displays at the base of the steps. 

9. Castel Sant'Angelo: this place once housed the popes and served as a fortress. While expensive, it is worth it to get a great view of the Vatican and the rest of Rome. It is right across the street from St. Peter's Basilica, which means the view is amazing. 

St. Peter's Basilica
8. The Roman Forum: this is great to see what the Romans left behind. While not everything is intact, you get a good picture of the grandeur and beauty left behind. And there is something really beautiful about marble columns being overtaken by the natural vegetation.

7. The Pantheon: I really enjoyed this because the ceiling still has the giant opening in it. And somehow through all the years, it has not collapsed and the marble below is still holding up. Inside it is pretty and has the tomb of Victorio Emanuelle II, the first king of unified Italy. Outside is a beautiful combination of old pagan Roman architecture and newer Greek architecture.

6. The Vatican Museum: the amount of artifacts that this museum has collected is astonishing and I could spend several days trying to soak in all the history. From Egyptian mummies to religious relics, this museum has got it all. 

The Colosseum

5. The Trevi Fountain: while I'm not one to spend an excessive amount of time staring at fountains, the sheer size of this one is captivating. And don't forget the beautiful art of the statues. Ok maybe I'm too cheap to throw in money for a wish, but I do like to take the time to check it out when I'm there.

4. Monument of Victorio Emmanuelle II: this could easily be my top site of Rome, but it was a close call. I love the location of the monument. Just in between the Trevi Fountain and the Colosseum. I love the style of architecture and it's tomb of the unknown soldier. And what I love the most is the panoramic view of Rome. You can see everything!

3. The Sistine Chapel: if only this wasn't always so crowded with tourists, I would just lay on the floor and stare at this ceiling for a really long time. The hall of maps leading up to the chapel is just as impressive. But once you walk in, you ignore the masses and get lost in the masterpiece that is the Sistine Chapel.

2. St. Peter's Basilica: this church and Notre Dame of Paris are tied for my favorite churches. Whole Notre Dame is more gothic and somewhat darker, St. Peter's is lighter and decorated with ornate sculptures and gold ceilings. Whether you are not religious, if you want to be amazed by architecture and art, the Basilica is worth the trip.

1. The Colosseum: I'm a history major, so naturally this would be my favorite. It is a neat way to learn about the Romans, their lifestyle, and be impressed by how people built such a large thing without our modern tools. The steps are tiny, showing how humans back then were smaller than us now. The bottom of the arena shows the intricate caves that led the gladiators to a possible victory or death. It's worth the trip and even worth the money. 

A lot of the things can be packaged together in order to save time and money. By buying your tickets at the Palentine or Roman Forum, you avoid the lines and can buy a package deal for the Colosseum. By buying tickets for the Vatican Museums, you can see the Sistine Chapel and cut through the back door to St. Peter's to avoid the four hour line in the summer. 

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