Bread, Sugar, and Butter, Oh My!

I have died and gone to butter heaven. This delicacy in Brittany is now officially the best cake that I have ever had. And it's going to be hard to beat. Khouign means butter in the language of Brittany, and Amann means sugar. So literally translated this is the butter-sugar cake. And my God is it delicious! Trust me on this recommendation, forget your diet for one night and enjoy what Brittany has to offer.

The two main ingredients for this piece of heaven are butter and sugar. But when I say butter and sugar, I mean a lot. Maybe even more than Paula Dean would recommend in her butter years. Then all of it is mixed in with bread dough, but it is meant to be leafy, like a turnover. Delicious? Check! Butter? Check! Sugar? Check? Anything else needed? An empty stomach is preferable. But even on a full stomach you can make room for this unbelievable masterpiece. But even if there is no room, prepare to make room because you won't won't to miss out. I swear you should get diabetes from one bite, but you can't stop yourself from another.  It probably was even better that we got it from a place voted the best boulangerie in France (La Boulangerie Royer at Dinan). And I don't care if you judge me, because I'm not missing out on the Khouign-Amann!

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