Taking Advantage of French Vacations


Four Weeks for Vacation? Don't Mind if I Do!

In France it is really common to take a few weeks off for vacation. And when I say a few weeks, it can be up to four! And everyone leaves at the same time. Weird, right? So a lot of things close down and people have summer hours, meaning very little is open. So what are these people doing while they are leaving? They're going on Vacation. So as they say, when in Rome. So I too have been going on vacation!

As I am writing this post, I am trying to multi-task and get my backpack together for my newest trip. I also have my mom researching hotels for me to book when I get back. I am struggling to keep up with my laundry, daily updates, and keeping track of my finances. But with all this rushing and craziness of trying to keep up with myself, I can't help but think that it is ironic. I left America for a year to get away from the constant rushing, the busy lifestyle, but here I am, throwing things into a bag and rushing off. But I'd like to think that this rushing is different since this is for travel where in America it is for work. For me, it's all in good fun.

Last week was packed full. Monday I was in Paris waiting forever trying to get internet in my apartment. Tuesday was spent with a cousin at the zoo near Lisieux. Wednesday and Thursday was spent in the Somme, where I saw Amiens, Albert, and Valerie-sur-Mer. Friday was once again spent in Paris trying to get internet. Saturday night was spent at a cousin's house to visit another cousin in town and to leave early Sunday morning to go to the aquarium in Boulogne-sur-Mer. Yes I've been busy.

St. Leu in Amiens

Now I am leaving to go to St. Malo for a few days with a cousin. I've never been to Brittany so I am looking forward to this trip. And I am really enjoying spending time with my cousins and family, and catching up on basically 20 years. Once I get back from St. Malo, I will have a few days until I leave for Amsterdam and Brussels. But I still haven't booked a hotel. At least I have train tickets! I've never been a last minute planner, but with all this traveling and living day to day, I've turned into one. So to everyone that has sent me emails or messages, I appreciate them and I will get back to you as soon as I am sitting in a place with free internet long enough!

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