10 Great Things to do in Florence


A City for Renaissance

Florence, or better know as Firenze, can be considered the heart of the Renaissance. And the city is proud of it's heritage. Everywhere you go you can thank the Medici family for its contributions. You can also catch homages to Dante and Galileo. So here is what I thought were the best places to visit in Florence. 

10. Santa Maria Novella: this is a beautiful church that still has quite a lot of paintings. The outside is grand, but smaller in comparison to the Duomo. The only not so great thing of the church is that it is right next to the kinda sketchy train station.

9. Piazza della Signoria: this piazza has a nice outdoor art gallery. You can see the Uffizi Gallery, the Palazzo Vecchio, and this beautiful gallery. It's a good place to sit and relax and watch the world go by.

8. Santa Croce: I really enjoyed Santa Croce. From it's towering Dante statue out front, to the funerary monuments of Galileo and Michelangelo, this church has quite a few hidden treasures.

7. Boboli Gardens: these gardens give a beautiful view of the city and you can get lost in them as if you were in Versailles. Inside houses more art, but seeing the gardens is enough. Oh to be rich!

6. The Baptistry: just across from the Duomo is the Baptistry. Outside, on the doors, biblical scenes are depicted. Inside, while the architecture is simple, the ceiling is painted with gold.

5. Galleria della Academia: the most famous work of art in Florence is housed here. The David stands tall in the main hall of the gallery. Other sculptures can be found here, but most just go to check out David. 

The Ponte Vecchio seen from Piazzale Michelangelo

4. Ponte Vecchio: this old bridge was the only one not destroyed by the Nazis in their retreat. And they had good reason not to. Today it houses jewelry store after jewelry store, inspired by Medici's plan for the bridge to be the center of wealth. 

3. Galleria degli Uffizi: the art collection rivals the Louvre. Artists you're heard of have their works on display here. The Birth of Venus is one of the most popular attractions, but I enjoyed the altars and the portraits of influential people throughout history. Make sure to buy your tickets in advance.

2. Duomo: this may be the most recognizable thing in Florence, probably because it is so big. The Duomo was the first of its kind and still remains an iconic architectural endeavor today. Inside the church may seem less grand, but just wait until you see the inside of the dome. 

1. Piazzale Michelangelo: this lookout shows you the entire city. It's up on a hill and looks down on the Ponte Vecchio and the Duomo. You can walk up or drive up. I prefer the walk in order to appreciate the gardens and houses along the way. 

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