Two Weeks Until Work


Maybe I'll Just Relax in the Summer of 2015

Yesterday marked the official two weeks until I start working. It's weird to think that I have been in France for over a month now. I've visited family, traveled, found an apartment, and today I begin my first solo travel of my adventure. And even with all the frustrations with the French system, I have not once regretted my move here. I've always been a happy person, but living out my dream has brought a whole new level of happiness. 

I still have a lot of frustrations. The lack of internet is the major one. It has been two weeks since I have gotten my phone and subscribed to internet, but yet I still have no internet in my apartment. Why? Well first I had to wait for the repair man to make sure that the cables would provide internet. That took almost a week. Now I am waiting for the "box" to be delivered. But since I have been traveling so much, I am having it delivered to Normandy so that I won't have to worry about waiting for it in Paris. So until the box is delivered, I have no internet in my apartment. I know, first world problems, right?

German Bunker at St Malo
But I'm too happy in order for the slow process of internet to get me down. Like I said last week, I have been traveling a lot. Today I leave for the Netherlands and Belgium. I have had a few days rest over the weekend to recover from my last few adventures, and a cold. Yeah, that cold was bound to happen with all the late nights, hot and cold weather, and my constant busyness. When I think I am going to have some down time, I end up visiting family, or going on an adventure like I did on Saturday. The plan was to go to Lisieux, but we also ended up in Falaise, trying to see a World War II liberation parade. What we ended up seeing was a castle of William the Conqueror. Yes an adventure is to be had every day. The other good news is that I am not officially living in my apartment. Although it doesn't sound like I will be using it much until September because I will just be traveling until I have to work. 

Living out my dream has been an amazing experience. I hope everyone one day can live out their dream. It's like being in love, but instead of boyfriends I got history museums and paté. So yes, I am very happy with my decision. And I think that I will be able to make it through the homesickness when it strikes, but I'm still waiting for that to happen. 

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