My First French Meal


Jambon Beure: A French Staple

French food is amazing an I'm not using that term loosely. There is such a variety in the cuisine that you're always trying something new. And for an American I am taking advantage of all the things that I don't get in America. But for my first meal ever in France I had something very simple that might make a few Americans cringe. 

What I had for my first meal is somewhat of a tradition. I had a sandwich made from a baguette, which is consumed twice a day here. Yes French people seem lost without their daily bread. Then on the bread is butter. Yes butter is also an important staple in France. Some consume so much butter they would put Paula Dean to shame. Now try not to cringe. Next was a tomato. Yes a nice fresh tomato was on my bread and butter sandwich. And that tomato was topped with a nice slice of ham. Not any of that thing stuff that we get in America but a thick slab that is not injected with anything and is fresh from the butcher. Yes we go to the butcher before grabbing the pre-packed things. So there you have it, my first meal in France was a ham sandwich with butter instead of mustard of mayonnaise. And it was delicious. 

I know my dad would approve of this choice and others might be grossed out by the butter. But until you try it you won't know how not weird it is. I think that's the main difference between French food and Italian food. Italians use olive oil like the French use butter. And I have to say that both have perfected their staple. 

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