Foie Gras


The World's Love Hate Relationship With Foie Gras

I've already said how much I love pâté, but there is a food out there that isn't even in the same category as pâté. California banned it. Many countries have banned it. European countries are trying to make it other ways. Who knew that one type of food could cause so much controversy. Foie Gras is a French delicacy that is so good, that for a few minutes you forget how guilty you should feel for eating it. 

Good news first or bad news first? I'm a bad news first kind of girl, so here it goes. Foie Gras is made out of fattened goose liver. How does the goose get fat? By force feeding it. And this is where the animal rights activists start to get concerned. The process of fattening the goose is not exactly humane, which why so many countries have banned it.

Foie Gras Made with Olives
I guess this isn't so much good news. I'm just going to talk about why it tastes so amazing. Foie Gras is better than pâté. While pâté tastes great, Foie Gras tastes amazing. Foie Gras can be served as a terrine, pâté, parfait, foam, or mousse. It can be mixed with other ingredients like mushrooms, although I prefer the plain ones. Some place sauces on top to make sweet and savory combinations, like fig sauce. Foie Gras is usually eaten around Christmas and New Years and a few other special occasions.

So while I am trying to be good and not buy the product, I was given some Foie Gras as a gift. And well I can't let the goose go to waste, so I'll take one for the team and eat it. 

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