Paupiettes: A Meat Extravaganza!

I wish I had an oven, not so I can make pizza or pre-prepared food. No, I wish I had an oven so that I could make paupiettes. I remember my grandmother making paupiettes de veaux (veal) and dinde (turkey) when I was younger and they were the best! And since moving to France, I've been trying to find a way to make them without using an oven, and its turning out to be a little challenging.

Paupiette is a piece of meat beaten thin. That meat is then wrapped around a stuffing, usually more meat mixed with herbs. Everything is then tied together, usually with a layer of fat around it, and cooked. Usually it is roasted or braised, but sometimes it can be fried, although I have not figured out the art of frying them. The types of meat vary, but the most common are veal, beef, and turkey. I guess the reason why I like it so much is because it's meat wrapped in more meat. Yum!

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