Living Out of My Backpack


Living Out of My Backpack and Finally Calming Down a Little

It seems that for the last two weeks of December I just lived out of my backpack. Yes I spent a night here and there in my apartment, but I honestly barely spent any time there. The second it was winter break I headed straight out of the country, then moved around for a bit, coming back only to do laundry to get fresh clothes. While I am no backpacker traveling for weeks, and while I really enjoyed my December, I'm glad that I finally get to take my time for a while.

I started off my break with three days in Brussels. I packed my back that Friday and left the next Saturday. Brussels was great. I spent my time in history museums and learning about the European Union Parliament and I ate my way through downtown Brussels.

Royal Palace, Brussels

After Brussels I quickly made my way to Normandy for two nights, stopping in Paris for a day to do laundry, unpack, and repack. Christmas was great, I ate so much, much more than I did in Brussels, and I got to see my family.

That is one cold, red nose!
Museum Island, Berlin

Then I went back to Paris to unpack my bag and pack for Berlin, leaving the following day. I spent four days in Berlin where I got to see things like the Berlin Wall, Checkpoint Charlie, the DDR Museum, and a concentration camp. And in Germany I learned what cold is. And now I'm scared for Poland because Berlin was brutal!

Atomium, Brussels

Finally I made it back to Paris just in time for New Years Eve where I patiently waited under the Eiffel Tower for some fireworks, which there weren't that many. But it was still nice to start off 2015 staring at the structure that I love most in the world. Yep, the Eiffel Tower stole my heart!

The Eiffel Tower on New Years Eve

And can you tell that I took a lot of selfies in two weeks?

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