No More Solo Adventures?


Re-Learning How to Travel with People

As I am trying to finalize plans for the rest of the year, because, yes, I think that far in advance, I have realized that most of my big adventures won't be solo. No more internally singing "All By Myself," no more avoiding eating alone, and no more waiting in line alone. Nice! But it's also weird. I've gotten used to traveling by myself. It no longer scares me like it did. It no longer is something that I force myself to do. I book trips without thinking twice of going by myself. But now I'm changing my pace, and I'm excited for it.

In just a couple of days my mom is going to be here and we are going to go to Poland and London. And I'm so excited to share this experience with my mom. Especially since I don't know a word in Polish, so its a good thing we'll have each other. Then in April one of my best friends is coming for my next vacation and we are going to do a killer Eastern European tour. And when I say killer, I mean cram as much into one week as we can and hope we come out with the finest bit of sanity. Four countries. One week. I feel like it will be an episode of Amazing Race. Then in June/July my cousin is coming, and I promised her Euro Disney and Venice and she's up for anywhere that I haven't been and even a few repeats. I'm excited to not be traveling alone.

Berlin, My Most Recent Solo Adventure
Last Month
And I think that the people that I am traveling with are going to make that adjustment from months of solo travel easy because they put up with my crazy interests. My cousin can last from opening to midnight closing of Disneyland without losing enthusiasm, so she'll understand my travel style. My mom will put up with seeing every Holocaust memorial in Warsaw because she too is interested. And my friend will go to the KGB museum with me in Prague and the communist statue park in Budapest because too is that type of history major. I guess what I'm trying to say is that I'm excited to share these experiences with my friends and family and I'm excited that neither of us will have to make any compromises because of our similar (sometimes crazy) interests.

But I'm determined to keep up my solo adventures. I think they make me stronger as a person. I think they help me overcome my anxieties. And I think they help me discover the world around me with an open eye and an open mind. So I'll keep taking those weekend trips and discover as much as I can in the little of amount of time that I have left in this beautiful city.

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