My Top 10 Cities of 2014


Conquering Europe One by One

In 2014, I went to a lot of different countries. And it was nice and interesting to go to countries that I don't have a passport in. I started off my traveling year in Italy and ended it in Germany. So in honor of New Years, here are the top ten cities that I visited in 2014. 

10. Amsterdam: no this wasn't on my list so that I can smoke a lot of pot. It was on my list to see the canals, the Anne Frank house, and the Dutch houses. The city was absolutely beautiful, and I saw it when the the tulips weren't even in season in August, so you can imagine that it is that much more beautiful when they are. And getting past the funny smell in the air, Amsterdam is a nice city.

9. Milan: Milan is pretty in a very rich way. The Duomo is one of the most important churches for the Catholic Church. There are so many high fashion stores that the galleries sparkle. And of course it's got some great history. So in November, I had to see it for myself. And even though it was pouring rain, the city was still very beautiful.

8. Barcelona: this city was rich in art history. It has beautiful gothic streets and interesting Gaudi masterpieces. In October I could see the vibrant life that Barcelona is known for. And it easily became one of the most beautiful cities that I've visited.

7. Madrid: I know that it's surprising but I liked Madrid more than Barcelona. Madrid had this light to it that I really enjoyed when I went in October. It was rich in history and it has some great food options. I could eat my way around the city if my budget and stomach allowed me. This is a city that I would revisit. 

Grande Place, Belgium

6. Lisbon: I loved this city because it has a very interesting beauty to it. You could tell that it used to be a very wealthy city and a very important city. So when I explored the city in October, I got to see a city who's proud of it's explorers and a colorful vibrant city. It was beautiful and I would love to go back again one day and see more of Portugal.

5. Florence: the first time that I visited Florence was in 2012 and it was too hot and we were trying to see the whole city in a day. I didn't like it. But in 2014 I went back in February and loved it. It's Renaissance rich history makes for a beautiful backdrop for you to enjoy some Italian food. And you can even get some exercise by walking up to the piazzale Michelangelo to get a great view of the city. So if the opportunity came up, I wouldn't turn down a trip to Florence.

4. Brussels: I visited Brussels in December and I was touched by how nice the people were. The city was also very pretty, but I spent most of my time eating. Fries, waffles, and a little bit of beer helped secure this spot on my list. And I'm not even ashamed! But the city is also rich in history, which is why I really enjoyed it. The relaxed lifestyle of Belgian people made it a nice and relaxing trip where I got to see history and eat a lot. 

Canals, Amsterdam

3. Rome: oh I love this city and it's one that I need to keep visiting, no matter how many times I've been. It could easily be a three way tie between Rome, Berlin, and London, but I had to pick and Rome came in third. I started off my travel year in February by visiting Rome and I'm sure that I'll return in 2015. It's food, warm weather, and wealth of history is the reason why it is in my top ten of 2014.

2. Berlin: this city managed to beat Rome for me. It was the underdog because the food is so good in Italy and there's nothing better than the Italian sun, but I just fell in love with Berlin. Maybe it's because I don't mind colder cities and that I love 20th Century history, which Berlin is all about. But it seems that I can't get enough of Berlin and I left the city not yet feeling satisfied and that I need to return in the near future. But it was a great way to end 2014. But watch out 2015, I'll be back!

1. London: other than Paris, this is my favorite city in Europe. The people seem really nice and there's so many adventures to be had, you have to make multiple trips. Everyone knows that London has been my favorite city for a while, but Berlin and Rome gave it a good run for it's money. And in 2014 I went twice. Once in July during a layover that I prolonged to spend more time in my favorite city and once in October to experience parts that I haven't yet experience. And I will be returning in 2015!

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