The 10 Best Things to See in Brussels


Brussels: Can Food Make the List?

In December I went to Brussels to make up for the trip that I cut short in August. And while it is a beautiful city, it has got some amazing food, making this a very hard top ten list, because technically I'm supposed to be writing about the sights of Brussels. But do fries count as a sight? What about waffles? Well as I day dream about food, here is the top ten list of Brussels.

I think I found what I want to hang above my
fireplace. Its not too tacky, right?
Musee Royal de l'Armee

10. Atomium: ok maybe it's not high on my list because I don't have a big fascination with science. But it did make my list because it is a pretty cool structure as it is so big. You can even go inside it, which offers some great views from above.

9. Musée Royal de l'Armée: the history nerd in me wants to place this higher up on the list, but I know for some people, seeing one German war helmet is enough. Not to mention all the muskets, swords, and knives. But what makes this museum so good is its World War II expositions, of course told by the Belgian side.

8. Musée Royaux des Beaux-Arts: this royal collection of art is worth taking your time for. Many great masterpieces have come out of Belgium, so this museum showcases its countries masterpieces.

7. Belgium Comic Strip Center: ever heard of Tintin? This museum shows stories told through comics. It's great to bring kids to and adults reminisce about their childhood as stories they read while they were young come to life.

Manneken Pis
6. Galleries: like the covered galleries in Milan and in Paris, these galleries offer the same Art Nouveau beauty. Maybe it's the glitz from the expensive stores, or maybe it's the glass ceiling of the galleries, whatever it is, the Galleries St. Hubert are beautiful.

5. Manneken Pis: I'm still trying to figure out what the big deal is about this little guy. It's not big, and all it's doing is casually peeing into the fountain. Maybe its supposed to represent the people of Belgium, not to say they pee on everything, but that they are relaxed and go with the flow. Either way, i'ts something that you should see for yourself to decide.

4. Parliamentarium: what to know what the European Union actually does? This is the place for you. While you're not actually going inside Parliament, you are going in the tourist center so that you can learn about what it does. It's high tech and interactive, so if the kids come along, they have lots of buttons that they can press while the adults learn something, unless they too are just going for the high tech button pushing.

3. Cinquantenaire Park: I think that I have a thing for triumphal arches. I think they're pretty. This one is no different. The park was built in the late 1800s for the king's golden jubilee (50 years) it is filled with museums, gardens, and a beautiful arch.

2. Fries: ok not exactly something you can visit, but how can I not mention the best fries ever? People think fries come from France, but they don't. They come from Belgium and they know how to make them right. Never have I tasted fries so good. So try them, just do it. Oh and waffles too!

Golden Houses at the Grande Place

1. Grande Place: this square, right in the city center is beautiful because of the gold-adorned flemish houses and the town hall. It's an exciting place to look at because everyone is there, it's so full of life. And it seems like all the restaurants of the city are in the streets surrounding the square, so it always smells so good. And of course this is the location for the flowers that are carpeting the cobble stones every year.

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