Differences Between French and American Food


Culinary Battles of French and American Cuisines

France and America may have completely different style of cuisines, but there are a few things that they trade along the way. For example, France has McDonalds, and it tastes different. I love food here in France, and while the style of cooking is completely different than American cooking, when they do cook the same thing, it is different. Here are some difference that I've noticed so far.

Everything is made with sauce

There is always a sauce that goes with everything. It seems like you can't just serve a steak, it needs to have a sauce to serve with it. Or steamed vegetables need a vinaigrette or a cream sauce. So even the simplest things need a sauce, where in the US give us some mustard, horseradish, or ketchup and we're happy.

Coca-Cola is sweeter

Coke here tastes less artificial and more like a bubbly, sugary drink. I mean coke is great back in the US, but it's different here and I like it too. I think this one is a matter of opinion because most Americans hate it here but I love it. You would think that coke states the same everywhere around the world, but apparently it doesn't in order to cater to their target audience.

Mayonnaise has a different consistency

It's creamier here and tastes like it has mustard in it, which most times it does. In the US is fluffy, but here it has a different flavor. And it's probably because its made with less chemicals, but when it comes to the canned stuff, I guess I am just used to the American one. But when it comes to the fresh stuff, oh man do I love fresh, French made mayonnaise.

McDonalds is not the same

Here's another case of marketing to target audience. Aside from McDonalds here having smaller portions and higher prices, it does taste different here. In France people don't use as much salt as we do in the US. So McDonalds in France, while still not good quality food, is less salty, and sometimes the fries really taste like potatoes.

These are just a few of the differences between the style of cooking. Of course French cuisine and American cooking are completely different, but when a few things cross over, I can't help but notices the differences, whether good of bad.

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