Pâté: Not as Gross as you Think

Ok here's another food post that will gross everyone out that hasn't tried it before. Pâté. Now I am going to ask that you check your judgement at the door because pâté always gets a bad reputation. So let me explain to you the wonders of pâté. 

Pâté is just so ... ugh! No words can describe my love for pâté. And there are so many different kinds out there. There are mouses, pâté de compagne, which has a chunkier texture to it rather than smooth, and various others. And the flavors differ too. Some have a mixture of meats or herbs or even fruit. Yes I really like the pâté with the apples in it. The only thing that I cannot like about pâté is the layer of fat or gelatin on the top to preserve it. Sorry but that's just now my thing.

And what does pâté go well with? Ummm anything! Pâté is best served on bread with some cornichons (which are better than pickles in my book). Pâté is usually served as an appetizer but it can also be the main course when served with salad and cheese. But if you go to France you really should try it. Just don't think of the fact that it is liver and enjoy the taste. 

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