French Fashion


Classy or Trashy?

When people think of Paris, one of the things that comes to mind is fashion. And in this city of lights, there is definitely an abundance of haute couture. But for those of us with a non-haute couture budget,  Paris is still considered very fashionable. There are expectations of people. Leggings are not pants here, they're something that you wear under a skirt or dress. You can't show up anywhere in your workout clothes, even the laundromat (but I break that rule all the time). But it seems that one rule in the US just gets broken here in France.

Blacks, whites, and grays are very popular here in Paris. Occasionally you will see some vibrant colors when it comes to fashion, but usually classic or edgy with neutral colors is what is expected of women. So of course you see a lot of white tops in Paris. But how would we wear those white tops in the United States? Maybe you would wear a tank top underneath or wear a nude colored bra. What do they do in Paris? Wear a black bra.

I swear they do it on purpose, like it is part of the fashion to wear a black bra with a white shirt. It's not something that they do on accident, that's for sure. For a city that prides itself on fashion and being classy, why do so many women wear something that in the US we consider trashy? And its not just the shirts, white pants and black underwear are also popular, but not as popular as the shirt and bra. I guess this fashion sense just shows that women here are very comfortable with themselves and don't see it as trashy like we do. I just don't plan on partaking in that experience any time soon!

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