A London Hostel


Baby Steps in my Travel Adventures

Well I did it. I stayed in a hostel and it was a pleasant experience. I decided that if I was going to do it, it would be in London where I speak the language and feel safe. So would I do it again?

I stayed in Queensway, an area right next to Hyde Park. I stayed in a hostel called the Gallery Hyde Park. It's nearest tube station was Queensway and it was a very short walk. The neighborhood was beautiful full of white houses that always seem to be in movies about rich people from London. The hostel was nice, for a hostel. I stayed in an 8 person all girls dorm. I didn't really want to do a mixed dorm for my first experience. It just wasn't calling to me. You were given sheets and had to make your own bed. Since I was the last one I got the top bunk. It looked clean until I saw a piece of gum stuck on the wall. Yum! I slept fine, with an eye mask and ear plugs I didn't even hear people come into the room. But I did keep waking up because the bunks were so wobbly that anytime someone moved they shook like there was an earthquake. 

Oh and another improvement in my travel experience is that I also had a meal alone while in London. Yep I wanted Indian food so I had Indian food. Yeah it was expensive, but the people next to me were interested in where I was from since the heard my American accent. Sure they weren't my age but it was nice to talk to people, I didn't feel as weird sitting down by myself because I was distracted by the conversation. I've said it before and I'll say it again, people in London are so nice. 

So there you have it, I attempted to get over to bumps in my travel adventures in one weekend. Am I over them, no but at least I know it's doable. Did I have a good experience, yes. Would I do it again? If I don't have enough money for a hotel, then staying in a hostel is definitely a viable option, but the germs! I swear it's the germs that I have a hard time with. I can make do with sharing rooms with people, but that piece of gum definitely freaked me out! At least I know that I can do it! 

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