Becoming a Parisian


Total Immersion, Right?

Oh no! I think I have a problem. I'm turning into a Parisian. No not one of those stereotypes that people hear about. And I hope not one of those rude ones. But there are some good, and bad, habits that I've picked up since moving here.

I'd rather walk further than have to make an extra change at the metro. It takes so much more energy to have to get on, get off, then get back on, so why not walk more then relax? I buy my food on a daily basis rather than once a week. I cannot carry all my weekly groceries in one outing, so I have to buy them on an almost daily basis. I only buy season and fresh foods. Not once have I had anything frozen or pre-made. I get frustrated when people walk to slow. I have to get to work, I don't have time for people to stop right in front of me to take an instagram picture and for me to trip over them. I can see the Eiffel Tower from my window. And sometimes I take it for granted. I hang out with people in non-touristy places to avoid tourists. The further away the better. I cross streets ignoring the traffic signals. No cars means go, right?

So no I'm not spitting on people, or peeing everywhere in the streets. But I am picking up little bits of culture, and not to mention all the facial expressions. Is it really bad? I guess it just means that I am immersing myself in the culture.

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