Why Blogging is Good for Travel


Blogging: A Form of Encouragement

Travel blogging for me is both nerve-wracking and liberating. But with travel blogging, I am able to live out my dream of traveling the world. I am able to inspire others, give advise, or just make them laugh. And while this started out as an experiment, so far, I have been very happy with the results that I have seen.

Posting my inner thoughts on my experiences makes me nervous. It makes me vulnerable to judgement on my writing, my thoughts, and my experiences from people that I know and don't know. And it's the judgement from those that I know that scares me the most. But it is also incredibly liberating. I am not going to say I never had a voice, because my family knows that I have a sass problem, but to those who don't know me as well, I am always known as quiet Mimi. So now, I feel like people can truly get to know me.

A last minute trip to Amsterdam
(Royal Palace in the background)
But what I have found, is that instead of just living life in France, I am really making an effort to see France. I feel the need to go on Trip Advisor, look up things to do, do them, and then review them here on my blog. By blogging, I am encouraging myself to travel so that I continue to get new material. I am always keeping my eyes open for weird things, Frenchisms, things to see, or the changes in my life since the start of my adventure. And since doing that, I have become so much more spontaneous. I haven't watched any form of TV series or movies on my computer or on my TV for about three weeks. I feel like my life is always a mess because of instead of having a lazy Saturday, I am out looking for adventure. When did I become that girl? That has never been me! And when I have any spare time, I try to plan trips to other cities. I am constantly looking for places to go and things to see so that I can keep the material coming. And yes, while my blog is one of the motivations for me to go to these places, I take full advantage of the adventures that I can have. All of this because I decided to move and write about it. I am starting to think that travel blogging is good for the soul.

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