The Glory of Cheese


Cheese: A Main Staple of the French Diet

The French have a way with cheese. It's an art form. A passion. There's a cheese for every taste, every event, every meal. And cheese is an important part of French culture. And almost everyone in France likes cheese. Even little kids at school are devouring the stinkiest of cheeses. So what is about cheese that they find it so addicting? And how do they stay so skinny while eating all this cheese?

I don't get how people think cheese is gross. I understand how they might not like certain cheeses, but still, no cheese? How do you live? Especially if you are French! Cheese is eaten almost every day, even by the skinniest of people. Every day on the metro you can see people coming back from work, stopping at the store, and getting bread and cheese. They get their cheese almost as much as they get their bread, and that's a lot! Here are some different types of cheeses:

hard, cooked cheeses: these are the cheeses like conté and emmental. They can be eaten by slicing them. Or, many people grate emmental and serve it over pasta. Yeah, parmesan is not very popular here, but emmental replaces it for many dishes.

uncooked, creamy cheeses: this is where the stink comes it. Cheeses like brie, camembert, and neufchâtel are creamy on the inside, so creamy that they just ooze out of the harder crust. Apparently is goes great with bread, I wouldn't know because I can barely stand the taste of these. One even smells so bad that my cousin jokes saying that it is made in people's armpits! Apparently these smelly cheeses are a delicacy.

spreading cheeses: then there are my favorite cheeses, the ones that go great on bread or crackers. It's cheeses like boursin, an herby, creamy cheese, that I think are the best. They taste fresh. There's others as well, some made from goat's milk, or sheep's milk. Each has a completely different flavor.

Cheese is so popular in France that they have shops dedicated to only cheese. Yes, the only think you can buy in theses stores is cheese, nothing else. And they have something for everyone, if you can get past the smell!

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