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How to Avoid Making the Same Mistakes as Me

One mistake that I keep making over and over again is that I never reserve tickets ahead of time for museums and attractions. And I am now starting to learn my lesson. When I travel, I don't stay long but I try to see and do as much as I can in those few days, which means time spent in line waiting to see a museum is time wasted. By buying tickets ahead of time, I can do and see more rather than staring at the same spot for hours. Here's the do's and don'ts of big museums, main attractions, or anything in the top ten of the guidebooks.


Don't assume that just because you are going in the off season that the museums or sites won't be busy. I went to Italy in February and still had to wait in an hour long line to see the Uffizi Gallery. And the Vatican was a 30 minute wait. So be prepared to wait in line at all times of the season.


Do look into what is always top of the list for the guidebooks and Trip Advisor. That is usually your first clue as to whether or not it will be crowded. If one site is constantly recommended, then it will probably be busy. Then look up online if you can pre-order tickets. 

The Eiffel Tower at Night


Don't show up an hour before closing without a ticket. Some museums don't always tell you before you get in line that you won't make it in. So there you stood in line for no reason. Usually first thing in the morning is the best time to go, but you can't do this for every museum, so prioritize by popularity. 


Do research opening and closing hours. That way you can plan on when you think would be the best time. Usually it's good to line up before it even opens. The line is usually shorter as many people don't even leave thee hotel room until 10am. 


Don't try to just wing it. If you know that a certain attraction is a must do, plan in advance and buy the tickets in advance. If you don't know what to see and suddenly decide to see one of the biggest attractions, then pre-paid tickets might be out of the question. 


Do look up for any discounts or special days where the museum may be busier or if you can get in for cheaper. Many things in Europe are half price or free for people under 25. But if there's a line and you absolutely want to see a museum, then see it. 

Look to see if the city that you are going to has discount cards. In London, Paris, Rome, Amsterdam, and other major cities, there is what is called a city pass that you buy and gets you into almost all the major attractions. Usually there are one or two left out but it still equalizes to be cheaper if you spend a few days there. It also saves you time spent in line.

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