Insalata Caprese


Tomate Mozzarella, Insalata Caprese, or Whatever You Want to Call It

Ok so I know this is Italian, but in Europe, you eat what's in season. And what's in season right now are tomatoes. And since it is so hot out all the time, all I want is a nice cold dish. Hence, insalata caprese, or tomate mozzarella. 

Tomate mozzarella makes a great meal, you don't really need much else with it, but if you're very hungry, you can also add some pâté on bread as a side dish. All you need for tomate mozzarella are tomatoes, mozzarella, olive oil, salt, pepper, and eithe basil or taragon. Fresh basil is the best, but if you don't have any, then dried taragon does the trick. As of right now, in this heat and coming home late at work, all I want is tomato mozzarella. 

In France it is really popular to eat what is in season. It is cheaper and you get better quality food. What is nice is that you can go to the local market and buy the vegetables, they rarely sell anything that is not in season. That way you always know what to look for.

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