The 10 Best Things to See in Amsterdam


Amsterdam: The City of Art, Canals, and Funny Smells

I recently went on a trip to Amsterdam and saw something completely different. I didn't speak the language at all, didn't know the culture, and got lost in its beauty (while trying not to inhale the funny smells). While I didn't get to do and see everything in the guidebooks, this is my top ten list. 

10. Amsterdam Centraal Station: while there's not much to do inside, from the outside you can't help but admire the architecture. And if you're going to Amsterdam by plane or train you will cross this building at least once. So why not take a moment to appreciate it.

9. Dam Square: I think I'm a sucker for royal palaces because they're always on my to do list. Dam Square has a nice monument but it also has the Dutch royal place, which you can take a tour of, or at least part of it.

8. Rembrandt House: this house is where Rembrandt, a Dutch painter, once lived. In a city full of artists, it's always nice to check out some of them.


7. Westerkerk: this church towers over the Jordaan and you can see it from almost every corner of the area. It's not a Catholic church, so its style of architecture is very different from those in Paris, but it is a marvel in itself. Why not look at it when you visit the Jordaan or the Anne Frank House?

6. The Rijksmuseum: this museum has the largest collection of Dutch artwork and many compare it to the Louvre or other equivalents. You could spend days looking at all the artwork. This is a must do on all the guidebooks.

5. The Canals: the canals are very beautiful and they encircle the majority of the city. You would have to at least cross a few to get where you are going. There are also many boat tours of the city which allows you to see the beautiful mixture of water and flowers.

4. The Van Gogh Museum: this museums has the largest collection of art made by Van Gogh. It also has a vast collection of art by Gaughin. It shows the evolution of his style and some of his influences as well. Some of the pictures you wouldn't even recognize as a Van Gogh, so it is very interesting to see.

The Rijksmuseum
3. The Resistance Museum: this museum was very well done in the sense that it gave all sides of the story. It showed the lives of the Dutch collaborators and those who resisted. It shows the successes and failures. Some topics can be heavy but it is a very enriching experience to learn about how much resistance went on.

2. The Jordaan: in this neighborhood you can find the Anne Frank House and a mixture of Dutch houses, canals, an flowers. This is where you find those pictures from Pinterest. Go ahead and get lost in these streets, you'll find beauty everywhere.

1. Anne Frank Museum: as The Diary of Anne Frank is required reading for so many adolescents around the world, the Anne Frank House is a must. It helps you visualize what her life was really like in the attic by showing the size of the rooms and leaving a few things up, such as posters. It's heavy on the heart but worth it. 

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