French Comfort Food at its Finest

I love cheese. I wouldn't say I love all kinds of cheese, but I do love to eat cheese, and as often as possible. Yeah, I know its not the healthiest, but its so good that I can just forget about the last detail. So when my cousin invited me for dinner to have some raclette, I agreed. I mean why would I ever say no to melted cheese, potatoes, and deli meats? And boy did I make a good decision.

Raclette is a type of cheese that can be found in the United States but is very expensive. But in France it is not as expensive. It is a cooked cheese, not like brie, but more like emmental, but with a different flavor. A good flavor. What you do is you place a heating plate on the table, slice the cheese, and put a slice in a pan. Then you put the little individual pan on the heating plate to melt the cheese. Once its melted you put it over potatoes or sliced meet. It's like fondue but not as messy and it tastes better too. Meat? Good! Potatoes? Good! Cheese? Good! I applaud whoever came up with this idea. Why would I ever turn down melted cheese?

Raclette is usually served in the winter time and is basically a French comfort food. But since it has been so cold here, my cousin decided to make winter comfort food. I don't care what season it is, it is always a good idea for this hearty dish. And this is something that French people are apparently raised with. My cousin and his girlfriend were shocked that I never had it. And he looked like he felt genuinely sorry for my misfortune. And he was right, raclette, where have you been all my life?

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