All By Myself!


The Struggle of Eating Alone

Traveling solo definitely has it's perks. You go at your own pace, see what you want to see, and you can really get immersed in the culture. But it also has it's downsides. You can get lonely, a hotel room for one is more expensive, and you have to eat alone. And so far I've been able to shake everything except eating alone. 

I don't know why I keep getting hung up on it. For some reason I feel like everyone is looking at me and then Celine Dion's "All By Myself" is playing as loud as it can in the background. Yep it's all mental. But I haven't fully learned the techniques to shake it yet. I've tried reading to distract myself, but I can't eat and read, that's just too messy for me. As much french blood that I have in me, I'm still a slob. I'm bound to embarrass myself even more by spilling everything. So the book option is a no go. So what do I do, just sit there and stare at everyone? That has creeper alert written all over it!

It seems like all the other solo travelers have got it down. Either they make friends immediately or they're completely comfortable eating alone. And so far I have not proven to be capable of either. So for my upcoming trip to London, I put myself in a hostel to force myself to either make friends or go and take myself on a date so that I'm not back in my room at 7pm. Or maybe I could practice in a cafe in Paris, but I'm too cheap to do that too often. Because you know, priorities. 

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