Not Quiet the Chef But Good Enough to Eat


My First Home Cooked Meal

Ok so maybe not a French meal, but it's Italian, and that is also part of my roots. Gnocchi with lardons, pesto and tomatoes just sounded so good. It was easy to make and so so cheap I had to do it. Did I mention that it was good too?

Oh yeah and it was very cheap to make. I was able to get two dinners out of it. The gnocchi were fresh but pre-made an were 1.15
. The pesto was a bit more expensive but that lasts much longer than two meals. Then came the lardons which were already pre-cut and were only 1€. Tomatoes here are around 3.29€ the kilo. I probably spent less than 1€ for the tomatoes for the night. 

I started by frying the lardons in the pan and boiling the water for the gnocchi. Then I put the gnocchi in and by the time they were done cooking, so were the lardons. I then added the lardons to the gnocchi, then the pesto. I then cut up the tomatoes and put those on top.

So I may not be the best cook, but I'm feeling inspired by the ingredients available to me, so I'm trying to get more creative. Just don't expect me to start making tarte tatins. 

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