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What do you do on Sundays?

I am starting to develop a love-hate relationship with Sundays. I love that I get to sleep in as long as I want. I love that the main attractions like the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and Notre Dame are not so crowded. I like hearing the church bells ringing down the street from me. But I hate that everything is closed. I can't go grocery shopping, I can't see the smaller attractions. The metro runs less. And I can't visit other cities because they look like ghost towns. Like I said, love-hate relationship.

France is funny when it comes to religion. All of its public holidays are based on Catholic holidays and it observes not working on Sunday. But it is also very anti-religion in the sense that it doesn't allow religion in school or in public places. I'm starting to think that it's confused. So if it is so anti-religion, why is everything closed on Sunday? The new excuse is that the work week is closely monitored. People are expected to take two days off of work every week, which means everyone takes Sunday off. Usually stores are opened on Saturday and closed on Monday so that people who work during the week at least have one day to do their shopping.

But if you're like me, and forget that things are closed on Sunday, you're going to have a rude awakening. I made the mistake of saving my grocery shopping for Sunday since I spent Saturday outside of Paris and I didn't want to go grocery shopping at 8pm. Well lets just say that I got some Chinese food instead because there was no grocery store open around. And I looked hard! Oops, won't be making that mistake again. I guess I will have to go at 8pm on Monday since I literally have no other time to go. In Paris, there are still a few things open, but smaller towns look like ghost towns. There is no one in the streets! Paris has a few bakeries open in the mornings only, so that French people can get their daily bread fix. A few cafes and restaurants are also open. But when you don't live in the center of Paris, there's even less open. Hence why I hate Sundays. All you can do is just relax. I guess I can't complain too much!

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