10 Things to See in L'Orangerie


L'Orangerie: Monet, Matisse, and Renoir Galore

Just a little bit further down from the Louvre are two museums. One is the Jeu de Pomme and the other is the Orangerie. They are both small art museums but have enough masterpieces to compete with the larger art museums of Paris. Here is the top ten works of art in the Orangerie.

10. Grand Nu a la Draperie by Pablo Picasso: this image struck me and became one of my favorites because it is not what you think of when you think of Picasso. It is not abstract at all!

9. Arlequin et Pierrot by Andre Derain: I think the reason I like this painting was because it reminded me of the school books that I read for french school. It is a beautiful and colorful painting that reminds you of the "fetes" that take place every year.

8. Roses dans un Vase by Andre Derain: I thought this was absolutely beautiful. The dark background really makes the colors of the flowers pop. It is placed next to another still life, but I found this to be the prettiest of the two.

7. Notre Dame by Maurice Utrillo: the series of painting by Maurice Utrillo were different than the rest because they were portraits of architecture rather than people. My favorite out of all of them was Notre Dame, of course!

Roses dans un Vase by Andre Derain
6. Fraises by Pierre-Auguste Renoir: the beauty of this still life can make your mouth water, if you like strawberries.

5. Gabrielle et Jean by Pierre-August Renoir: this is a touching picture of mother and son. It shows the love between the pair and will capture your attention for a few moments.

4. Jeunes Filles aux Piano by Pierre-August Renoir: like the previous one, this shows the bond between the two. It seems to show a sisterly love while playing the piano.

3. Portrait de deux Fillettes by Pierre-Auguste Renoir: this is a beautiful portrait of two girls. It reminds me of photographs taken by someone who loves you when you are not paying attention.

2. Fleurs dans un Vase by Pierre-Auguste Renoir: I think I have a thing for flowers in paintings because I always find those so much more beautiful.

1. Les Nympheas de Claude Monet: Monet painted these large paintings for the people of France  to have peace in their lives during the war. My favorite of all of these paintings was the Soleil Couchant because it was brighter than the rest of them.

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