A Love Affair with Couscous

Why is couscous not popular in the Unites States? I mean we sell it in boxes, but it's not something that is consumed regularly like in France. Instead the US has quinoa, and it's just not the same. Couscous is softer and less grainy. What I can say is France is rocking couscous!

I grew up with couscous being served plain with some butter on it. But then again butter was served on a lot of things. But in France you can do so much with it. You can make a cold dish of your choosing by adding onions, tomatoes, meat, herbs. Literally anything can go with it. It can also be served warm with a tomato sauce and meat. It's got versatility. Couscous is a make it your own kind of meal. You do what pleases you. But if you don't want to make it yourself, there are plenty of ways to buy it pre-made. 

In France, to get good couscous, you need to go North African or Arabic vendors. Its the same in America, you consume the food made by the people of that culture. So while the Chinese food and the Mexican food is not as good as back home, the North African food is amazing! We need more of this in America. When you visit France, of course try the french cuisine, but also try the couscous, or any North African specialty for that matter. 

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