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Kindergarden: Where Fingers in the Nose is Common

Thorough the agency that I work for, I get to do internships in various schools. I am currently on my last week for the first school and I have witnessed and experienced some very interesting things.  And I know I've said it before, but I'll say it again, children are cute but I'll stick to teaching high school.

No I'm not going on coffee runs but I'm cutting a lot of things, making photocopies, and running after the children that are not behaving. The part that gets me is that I have to take the metro and the RER for an hour to get there and then the paths to get to the school aren't even paved. I walk through dirt and trees to get to this beautiful old building. Inside are the children. They're adorable at first until they touch you with their snot or start screaming for no reason. I split my time in between two teachers. I see how they run their classroom and help them with the trouble children, which really tests my patience. One kid likes to push everyone all the time. One kid likes to tell on everyone. But my favorite (sarcasm) is the one that still has his pacifier and cries this annoying cry all the time and can't follow any instructions. And all of them have drool dripping from them constantly. I have to do a total of five of these during the year and I have an option to either switch schools or to stay at the same school. I love the teachers but hate how far away it is. I guess I have a few more weeks to think about it.

On another note, life with the family is getting weird. I feel like this is how horror movies start out. First the youngest will randomly say a sentence in a very deep growling like voice that makes him sound like a demon. He could be saying "we're going to play now" or "I don't like tomatoes!" It creeps me out every time! And I don't know where he learned I from because his siblings don't talk like that ever. Next comes the fact that he will just sit and stare at me sometimes and give me the dirtiest look. Now he doesn't want to nap in his room because he says that it scares him. In all the horror movies it's always the kid that sees the ghosts or demons. What is this? Is the the beginning of the next paranormal activity? Am I overreacting or should I start looking for an exorcist? If I don't make it back from France, this is why! My mom says it's a normal thing for kids to do. Great, add it to the list of reasons why I shouldn't have kids!

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