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Cafés in France: Good for the Introverts

Cafés in Paris are really popular and they are everywhere! There's at least one for every street and multiple for the larger ones. They're great meeting locations for people to hang out during lunch or after work. But while they are great meeting places, they are also very accommodating to introverts who just want to drink a nice cup of coffee and read the paper. 

Paris is a good place for introverts and extroverts. You can be surrounded by people and decide if you want try and start up conversation or if you just want to people watch. And since cafés are so popular, you can do both whenever you feel like it. Most are also open very late at night so you literally can enjoy that quiet time at any time.

The reason why cafés are so accommodating to the introvert lifestyle is because waiters don't give you the stink eye when you ask for a table for one. Usually they will line up the tables in the street and put you there, crammed next to all the other tables. But unlike my experience in Italy, they don't mind. It is probably because it is part of the culture here. So many people will just stop and smell the roses by getting a cup of coffee and reading the newspaper. And it's not considered a lonely experience. No "All By Myself" playing in the background. Instead it's people indulging a bit by taking the time for themselves. I think I chose the right city. 

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